Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to apply online?
    Yes, applications are only available online. Applications will not be accepted through the mail.
  • If I have two homes, may I apply at each address?
    No, you may only apply from one address and others living in the same household do not qualify to apply. Applications are limited to one application per household.
  • May I apply at my business address?
    No. Only apply from your permanent residential address.
  • Why is there a limit of one application per address?
    The requests for tickets far exceed the number of tickets available; limiting the applications helps to make tickets available for a broader range of people.
  • Why must I be at least 21 years of age to apply?
    Selected applicants are required to sign a ticket agreement and must be of legal age.
  • Why must I provide the last four digits of my SSN/SIN?
    Your last four digits provide us with a unique means of identifying you if you require assistance with your account.
  • How will I know if I am selected?
    All applicants will be notified via email when the selection is completed.
  • If I am selected this year, will I get tickets each year?
    No, you will only receive tickets in the year you were selected. You must apply each year to be eligible for the tickets.
  • How do I claim and or pay for tickets if I am selected?
    Once you are selected, you must accept the ticket agreement. If selected for the final round, you must also complete the payment section by providing your personal credit card information. You will receive confirmation of your acceptance and payment (if required).
  • May my tickets be mailed to a different address?
    No, tickets will only be mailed to you at your address of record.
  • When will my tickets be mailed?
    Tickets will be mailed in March.
  • May I change my original application?
    You may edit your application at any time prior to the application deadline.
  • What if I am selected but do not want the tickets?
    If your payment is not received by the payment deadline date your application will be cancelled for this year and your ticket allocation forfeited.
  • What if I make my payment and do not want the tickets?
    Unfortunately, no refunds, rain checks, exchanges or replacements will be made once payment has been received.
  • Can I purchase fewer tickets than I applied for?
    No, if selected, you will be required to accept/purchase all tickets you were selected for.
  • What happens if my address changes?
    You may edit your personal information at any time prior to being selected for tickets. If your address changes after you have been selected for tickets you must contact the Ticket Office at 706-667-6700.
  • What happens if there is bad weather and play is cancelled and/or the course closed?
    We reserve the right to cancel, suspend the Championship or close the course because of adverse weather conditions or other safety reasons. In such situations, no refunds, rainchecks, or replacements will be made.